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You always hear people say that being an entrepreneur is one of the most incredible and rewarding experiences in life.  What you don’t always hear though is about the hard parts.  The parts where you feel alone and feel like you are just struggling to get through today so you can barely make it to tomorrow.  Hopefully in your journey so far you have had more good days than bad.  Those are the days worth celebrating the successes and the wins!  Those are the days that show your growth and that there is always room to dig deeper to make your dreams become a reality.  Who do you keep close to your business to keep you motivated and share those successes with?  We all need that someone!

The Girl Boss Mastermind is an accountability group made up of of likeminded, innovative and experienced entrepreneurs.  We are about setting goals and chasing your dreams!  Each month we will meet in person and dive in to different topics on ways that we can strengthen not only our businesses but our personal lives as well.  Members will have an opportunity to share current challenges in their business while their peers help them brainstorm solutions and reflect on similar situations they have encountered.

Who are the Girl Boss Mastermind Leaders?


Amber Smith

Hey there awesome girl boss!  I’m Amber owner of Amber Foster Smith Photography and I’m passionate about telling my client’s stories through beautiful imagery and creating heirloom pieces of artwork for my clients to cherish.  Photography is my love but empowering female entrepreneurs through education is my passion.  I created The Studio : A Coworking Space for Creatives as a place for small business owners to grow their business and feel inspired.  Starting a business is hard but what people don’t tell you is how hard the road can be through the seasons of business and life.  I’m first and foremost a mom to two amazing children, a wife to my high school sweetheart and then a business owner.  Life is about working smarter, not harder.  I’m excited to join with you to grow your business and find the balance in life you crave!



Billie Cochran

I am Billie the owner, baker and sprinkle lover of Baked by Billie.  My passion for baking is why I started my business.  I love the smiles and memories it brings to so many people.  I am married to the love of my life and have the cutest fur baby ever.  Last year my business grew leaps and bounds, but not without struggles. During this time I wished for a support system and a group to hold be accountable.  There were days I was treading water and my life was so out of balance.  I more than survived the year, I came out so much stronger in so many ways.  I grew as a person and as a business owner.  After talking to Amber, we both realized we had growth and some of the same struggles last year.  We decided we wanted to start a group to help other woman take their business to the next level, build a community within the area and have work life balance.


What is the commitment?

The 2018 Girl Boss Mastermind will meet the third Monday of each month at 10am at The Studio : A Coworking Space for Creatives in downtown Holly Springs.  Throughout the month we will do weekly check-ins through a private online Facebook group.  We require a commitment for members to attend each meeting through the end of 2018.

We are all about setting goals and reaching for your dreams!  Be prepared each month to set three goals : one goal related to our monthly growth topic, one general business goal as well as one personal goal.  As an accountability group we are here for you to make sure that you are not only reaching your goals but crushing them each month!

How can I apply?

Interested in applying for the Girl Boss Mastermind?  Fill out the application by March 10, 2018.  Selections will be made by March 12th and all applicants will be contacted.

Click here to apply to become a part of the Girl Boss Mastermind


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